I am a master student at East China Normal University, advised by Xiangfeng Wang and Bo Jin.
I'm broadly interested in computer vision and robotic arm, and I was a naive ACMer(regional Silver, I good vegetable).

Toy Projects

Hengkang Guo, Weiwen Chen
An Online Judgement System for algorithm contest(mainly NOIP), support standard/file IO, ACM/OI contest, having smalll contest every month.
Weiwen Chen, Hongyi Xu
A fack search Engine(data from NetEase cloud music) for top300 musicians(each 50 songs). Building reverse index by Elastic Search, it draws a wordcloud for each musician. At last it classifies musicians into 10 classes with Kmeans, train a RNN model from each class. Starting with one Chiese character, the models can write different sytles of song lyrics.
Cheng Xu, Weiwen Chen
A news publication platform which users can create something new or derive something from others. Tech stack: Django, Semantic UI, Editor.markdown, MongoDB. Planning to storage the data on blockchain(Ethereum).
Phd Intern in HKBUdb, 2018 Summer
Saozhu Team Code Library
Weiwen Chen, Zhijie Cao, Zhu XuLiang
Code Library during ACM career. We got ccpc & icpc regional Silver in 2017, and Xuliang Zhu got Golden in 2018's ecl-final, with her girlfriend :)
Zhijie Cao , Yijun Wang, Weiwen Chen Yu Gen, Changjia Chen
An algorithm visualization tool on web, purposed to help users to construct a display of an algorithm quickly.
Shanghai innovation and entrepreneurship project, Result: Excellent.