Wish for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

This is Weiwen Chen from East China Normal University.

  • cww970329@qq.com
  • East China Normal University 2015-2019 Bachelor: Software Engineering
  • Science Building B1804, Multi-Agent AI Lab


  • 2017.09 National Scholarship (rank2)
  • 2017 ACM ICPC Nanning, CCPC Qinhuangdao Silver Medal
  • 2017 ACM-ICPC Shenyang, 2016 Dalian, 2015 EC-final Bronze Medal
  • 2017.04 2nd China Collegiate Computing Contest, Gold(rank2)
  • 2017.12 Student Science and Technology, Nomination (5/11)
  • 2016.09 MZCH Scholarship (2 get)


Algorithm Contests

  1. NOIP in high school,In 2014 get first prize from CCF
  2. The college ACM team leader, Organizes the training and play
  3. Team main coding hand, mainly in Graph Theory and Data Structure.
  4. Set problems for some competions, Teaching high school students NOIP.

Summer Intern HKBU 2018

  1. Worked in HKBU Database Group in Summer 2018, with School of Communication
  2. Developed a news publication platform which users can create something new or derive something from others.
  3. Tech stack: Django, Semantic UI, Editor.markdown, MongoDB. Planning to storage the data on blockchain(Ethereum), now deployed in hkbu Campus Network.
  4. My job: All coding jobs(two phd teammates did the design job).

Chess Game AI Robot: Reinforcement Learning + Robot Arm + Image recognition.

  1. Training an chess game AI based on Deep Reinforcement Learning, while using computer vision, robot arm and 3D print. Realized a chess game robot.
  2. Firstly, Training a efficient chess AI with DQN, Policy Network and Monte Carlo Tree Search. It spent us alomost a month to complete the AI module. Luckily, with reinforcement learning, we dont need to collect huge real data of games. Based on it, using industrial camera and graphics algorithm(yolo) to get moves on chess board and robot arm to down chess pieces(building an map between chess board index and real location in 3D). Finally locating the position of all parts by the physical framework(3D print). Above all, the Chess Game Robot is finished. We storage some models semi-finished, which we can set different difficulties for various players.
  3. My job: Control the accuracy of DOBOT manipulator, Design 3D print modules, Most jobs in coding.

BlackBlank: Algorithm Visualization + multi-language support

  1. Shanghai innovation and entrepreneurship project, Result: Excellent.
  2. Realized the graphical display function of various data structures in the operation of the algorithm, and provided the external chain sharing function. Users can code in the right frame and how data storages will automaticly show in the frames on the left. Web developed with nodejs. Proposed a concept of 'Intenlligenc Classroom', which teacher use our tool to display how a algorithm runs in class, and students finish assignments in our displaying tool, giving teacher a sharing link.
  3. Display modules includes Array1D, Array2D, Chart, Graph. Graph includes unweighted-undirected graph, weighted-undirected graph, unweighted-directed graph, weighted-directed graph. It Provides common algorithms/structures and their display, including a serval kinds of sorting(quicksort, bubble sort, count sort), LCS, SPFA.
  4. My job: Design the algorithm library; Expand languages from javascript to python and c++.
  5. link: https://github.com/Cardinal2376/BlackBlank